Soup of the Day  15


Glazy Asian Wings Duo  24

1/2 dozen spicy Korean glazed and/or salted egg yolk chicken wings


Dog’s Dinner 21

Our golden fries smothered in a creamy onion sauce with melted cheddar cheese & “doggy” biscuits


Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers 21

Spicy jalapeño stuffed with almond cream cheese & crisp-fried


Lamb Meatballs 28

Delicious & juicy homemade lamb meatballs with gravy & toasted garlic bread for dipping


Irish Potato Nachos 25

Potato slices, beef bacon, sautéed onion, cheese, spring onion, tomato & sour cream


Blue Mussels & Clams  26

Fresh blue mussels & clams sautéed in white wine broth & served with toasted baguette (contains alcohol)


Corn Dog Bites 18

Bite-size sausages dunked in golden cornmeal batter & deep-fried. Served with mustard & homemade ketchup


TDG Caesar Salad 33

Romaine lettuce & croutons tossed with homemade Caesar dressing and  topped with deep fried soft shell crab & beef bacon bits


Habibi Salad (V) 26

Grilled aubergine drizzled with tahini yogurt on a zesty & crisp salad of diced tomatoes, cucumber, onions, parsley, coriander, cauliflower & crispy chickpeas


Crispy Chicken Salad 28

Crispy fried chicken, mixed greens, avocado, corn, cherry tomatoes, onions & egg  with honey sesame dressing


Steak Salad 29

Mixed greens, dried cranberries, red onion rings & orange segments tossed in an orange mustard dressing with slices of chargrilled steak



BURGERS – Cooked to order, served with choice of salad, fries or homemade sweet potato crisps


Classic Beef Burger/ with cheese 26/29

Beef patty with homemade ketchup, pickles, onions & our own proprietary mustard mix


Sloppy Joe 33

A messy burger of sautéed beef patty in barbecue sauce, melted cheese & skinny onion rings


Portobello Paleo Burger 35

Grilled beef patty, melted cheddar, tomato & lettuce sandwiched in portobello “buns”, served with grilled vegetable batonnets

Japanese Yodel Burger 35

Beef burger smothered with cheese fondue sauce, sautéed mushrooms & topped with mushroom tempura


Triple Stack Burger 39

Three 100g beef patties layered with cheddar, beef bacon, mushroom, sautéed onions, ketchup, mustard & fried egg


Camembert Burger 39

Juicy beef patty topped with a deep fried camembert cheese & cranberry jam


Pulled Beef Burger 35

Juicy pulled beef brisket with coleslaw, jalapeño & skinny onion rings


G’Day Burger 35

The classic Aussie Burger – juicy beef patty, beef bacon, roasted beetroot, melted cheddar, pineapple slice & fried egg.


Mini Burger Sampler 33

Three of our bestsellers made into sliders – Japanese yodel, lamburgerni & classic chicken cheese




Classic Chicken Burger/ with cheese 25/28

Juicy grilled chicken burger with all the homemade ketchup, pickles, onions & our own proprietary mustard mix


Mushroom Trio Burger 33

Chicken patty with crispy deep-fried enoki mushrooms, creamy sautéed button mushrooms & grilled portobello mushrooms


Downtown Tokyo 34

Deep-fried soft shell crab with Asian slaw & wasabi mayo served on a charcoal bun


Down By The Sea Burger 37

Pan-fried barramundi fillet with a pine nut, almond & parmesan herb crust, served with tartar sauce on a charcoal bun


Lamburgerni 35

No horse power here! Grilled lamb patty with smokey tomato sauce, pesto & grilled vegetables


Green With Envy (V) 29

Tempeh, chickpea & mushroom patty served with beetroot relish & avocado ranch



Bacon  7

Avocado  7

Fried Egg 3

Cheddar Cheese 4

Jalapeño  3

Sautéed Mushrooms  6



Super Awesome Bowl  28

Power bowl of quinoa, chilli-glazed tofu, tempeh, spinach, seeds, goji berries, avocado, poached egg & tahini dressing


Eggs & Avo  29

Grilled avocado, poached eggs and homemade spiced semi-dried tomato on sourdough bread


TDG Big Breakfast  29

Premium chicken sausages, beef bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, sautéed spinach and buttered toast


Rosemary & Lemon Roasted Chicken  33

Our delicious Sunday roast - half a roasted chicken with sautéed potatoes & charred romaine lettuce


Southern Fried Chicken 32

Crispy fried chicken served with waffle, coleslaw & onion gravy


Hangover Breakfast 29

Sausage & potato hash with beef bacon, capsicum, jalapeño, poached egg & hollandaise sauce


O’mega Salmon 41

Pan-seared salmon steak with a light & tasty sun-dried tomato sauce & sautéed vegetables


Fish & Chips 38

Battered & deep-fried barramundi served with chips, coleslaw & tartar sauce


Bangers & Mash 29

Two grilled premium sausages with creamy mash & onion gravy


Pan-Fried Meatloaf  35

No leftover here! Freshly baked meat loaf, pan fried & served with creamy mash, onion rings & onion gravy


Lamb Shank Stew 48

Slow-cooked braised lamb shank with vegetables, pearl barley & garlic bread


Smothered Steak 62

Chargrilled Australian chilled grass-fed ribeye smothered with mushroom sauce & served with sautéed potatoes


Brisket & Waffles 35

Smoked beef brisket with savoury waffle, poached egg, truffle oil & chimmichurri sauce.

Meatball Spaghetti 29

Rich tomato-based pasta with our signature ground beef meatballs


Seafood  Spaghetti 29

Fresh seafood spaghetti cooked in a light garlic broth


Lobster Mac & Cheese 47

Cheesy mac & cheese with fresh slipper lobster




Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake  16


Red Velvet Cake 12

Coco Goes Nuts 18

Layered coconut cookie crumbs, chocolate sauce, marshmallow, peanut butter & ice cream


Dolly Pancake Stack  19

Chocolate chip pancake with grilled bananas, peanut butter, almond praline & chocolate sauce


Old Fashioned Waffles 24

Waffles with fresh cream, strawberries, ice cream & maple syrup


Banoffle 24

Waffle sandwiched with coffee cream, caramelised bananas, peanut butter, cookie crumbs & chocolate sauce!


CHILDREN’S MENU (aged 12 and under)

All children’s meals come with a glass of coke, sprite, apple juice or orange juice.


Mini Cheeseburger 15

Kid’s size beef/chicken patty with chips


Breadcrumbed tender chicken strips 15

With fries & dipping sauce


Spaghetti Meatballs 15

with tomato sauce





Coffee 9

Espresso single 9/ double 11

Decaf / Macchiato / Iced coffee 11

Hot/Ice Latte 11/12

Hot/Ice Cappuccino 11

Affogato 12

Hot/Ice Mocha 12

Hot/Ice Choc 12

-   with hazelnut / butterscotch 15



Ice Lemon Tea 9

TDG Apple Mint Ice Tea 9

Mango & Peach Ice Tea 9

Raspberry & Cranberry Ice Tea 9

Ice Tea / Hot Lemon Tea 7

English Breakfast / Earl Grey / Chamomile / Peppermint / Green Tea 7



SOLE still / sparkling 500ml 12

Evian 350ml 10 / 750ml 15

Filtered tap water 1L  3



TDG Ginger Lemonade 10

Lemon Lime Bitter 12

Lemon / Lime Soda 7

Coke / Coke Light / Sprite / 100 Plus / Ginger Ale / Root Beer / Tonic / Soda 7



Apple / Orange / Watermelon / Pineapple / Lemon / Lime



Apple / Cranberry / Orange / Mango



Chocolate / Choc Fudge /Espresso / Vanilla / Strawberry/ Raspberry/ Oreo

Peanut Butterscotch / Malt & Peanut Butter / Hazelnut / Choc Hazelnut

Banoffle Pie



Baileys & Coffee (Liquor)

Rum & Raisin (Liquor)



Fido Dido - passionfruit, tdg mix, orange & sprite


Mango Tango – mango juice, passionfruit & lime


Apple Breezer – apple juice, cranberry juice, raspberry & soda water


LOL – lime, orange, lemon, mint & soda water


Incredible Hulk – green tea, passionfruit & watermelon




Heineken     25    

Guinness ( Bangsar only )  25



Corona 30

Hoegaarden 28

Guinness 23



Hendriks  30

Bombay Sapphire 27



Absolute Blue  25



Hennesy VSOP  32



Jose Cuervo 25



Bacardi Carta Blanca 25



Macallan 12 yrs   33

JW Black Label  28

Jack Daniel’s   28

John Jameson  28



Bailey’s 23

Grand Marnier 23

Drambuie 23

Malibu 23

Kahlua 23

Pimms 23

Midori Melon 23



Holy Water 35

vodka, rum, grand marnier, blood orange, tonic


The Grind Slam 32

whisky, Drambuie, ginger ale, angostura


Long Island Iced Tea 36

gin, rum, vodka, tequila, triple sec, tdg mix. coke


Watermelon Martini 28

vodka, watermelon juice


Appletini 28

vodka, apple juice, lime juice


Lychee Martini 28

vodka, lime, lychee puree, soda


Salted caramel Martini 28

vodka, caramel, salt


Pimms Cup 30

Pimm’s no.1, gin, sprite, ginger ale


Margarita 28

tequila, triple sec, tdg mix


Mojito 28

rum, fresh kime, mint leaf, soda


Sangria Citrus 35

orange curacao, mango & strawberry puree, red & white wine


Sangria Melon 35

midori, watermelon & strawberry puree, white & red wine

All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia & subject to 10% service charge & prevailing govt. taxes

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