SPGbyBijan's Asian Inpired Pizzas

in collaboration with LaRisata

Spicy prawn & petai sambal tumis, mozzarella & lime zest
In collaboration with La Risata
Pulled beef rendang tok, chili, onion & mozzarella
Chicken satay with peanut sauce, cucumber, onion, chilli & mozzarella
Thinly sliced grilled ox tongue with sambal hitam, chili, onion & mozzarella
K-pop inspired sweet corn pizza with beef bacon, chili flake, gorgonzola, mozzarella & a drizzle of honey
Squid with spicy squid ink sambal tumis, petai, mozzarella & coriander
Smoked duck, turmeric & coconut base, chili, onion & mozzarella
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