“Many years ago, there lived a sea of beauties in the jungle abyss of Malaysia. Life was pleasant until British colonisers arrived with an agenda to rule over all the land. Soon enough, the natural law of attraction afflicted both, locals and foreigners causing a wildfire of “sarong parties” or “soirees”, for those unfamiliar with the iconic term. Thus, began the era of the “Sarong Party Girl” – a group of Asian women who bridged a British-Malaya connection, all with a little help from their recipes and satay grills.


Much like the classic “Sarong Party Girl”, an emblem of the East and West (quite literally) fusing together, “SPG - Sarong Party Grill” is the lovechild of new-age creativity combined with traditional, local flavours that span from Indonesia, China and India. A culinary homage if you will!


SPG’s tapas style concept also encourages diners to share and freely taste a variety of Malaysian dishes without ever committing to just one, gluttonous meal. 


So go on and pick at least three plates (or more, we won’t judge) alongside some traditional grilled items. Top it all off with a couple of our exotic cocktails and you’ve got an entertaining night for the books…”

All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia & subject to

10% service charge & prevailing govt taxes



Stinkini 35

Puckered, petai lips have never tasted better

Pickled petai, gin & vermouth


Easy Breezy 35

Unleash your inner island girl

Gin, Pimm’s, watermelon juice, cucumber, calamansi,

lime leaves & lychee


Kampung Girl 35

Not your average, tall glass of sexy!

Gin, cucumber, ginger & blue pea flower


Mas Merah 35

This will certainly get you blushing

Rum, watermelon, lemon juice & mint leaves


Rose Chan 35

The one and only!

Tequila, triple sec, pink guava, honey, lime juice & sprite


Yellow Fever 35

We’ve all got it lah!

Gin, turmeric, lime juice, honey & tonic water


Triple G 35

We know you’re good, we know you’re game, but the only thing you should be giving, is permission for us to serve you another drink!

Rum, green apple, ginger, ginger beer & mint leaves



Kedondong Kampung 17

Meet Malaysia’s beloved flavours, umbra, calamansi & sour plum


Kyuri Cooler 17

Cool cucumber & tonic


Fruitea 17

Herbal green tea, grapefruit, sour plum & bitter lemon, for the wholesome!

Bluepea Tonic 17

Honey, lemon & blue pea flower – invigorate your senses

All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia & subject to

10% service charge & prevailing govt taxes


Watermelon Lemon Mint 17          Mango Acai Yogurt 17

Pineapple Apple Mint 17     Chocolate Banana Yogurt 17   



Orange/Watermelon/Green Apple   15       


Sole Natural 500ml/1L  10/16

Sole Sparkling 500ml/1L  10/16


Heineken 25

Guinness Stout 25

Apple Fox 18



Mango/Lime/Cranberry/Pineapple  10 



Espresso 10                        Hot/Iced Chocolate 9/10

Double Espresso 12          Hot/Iced Mocha 10/11

Latte 12                               Hot/Iced Coconut Coffee 10/11

Cappuccino 12



Green Tea 9                        Chamomile 9

English Breakfast 9          Earl Grey 9

Iced Lemon Tea 9             Honey Lemon Tea 9

Teh Tarik 9



Coke 8                                 Soda 8

Diet Coke 8                        Bitter Lemon 8

Sprite 8                               Red Bull 12

Ginger Ale 8                      Heneiken 0.0  14        

                                             Tonic 8


All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia & subject to

10% service charge & prevailing govt taxes




Smirnoff                                             25/360

Absolut                                               25/380

Belvedere                                           28/470

Grey Goose                                       30/490



Gordon’s                                            23/380

Broker’s                                              24/390

As De Picos                                        26/460

Opirh                                                  26/470

Roku Gin                                            30/490

Hendricks                                          30/500

Gin Mare                                            33/550

Jaisalmer                                            35/570



Bacardi                                               25/350

Captain Morgan                               25/360

Plantation 3 Star                               26/440



Hennesy VSOP                                 30/570

Martell Cordon Bleu                       48/980



Auchentoshan 12yrs                         32/480

Macallan 12yrs                                  35/590

Macallan 15yrs                                  45/820

Glenlivet 12yrs                                  33/520

Glenlivet 15yrs                                  36/600

Glenfiddich 12yrs                             32/500

Glenfiddich 15yrs                             40/690

Laphroaig 10yrs                               35/590



John Jameson                                    24/420

Jack Daniels                                       30/460

Johnie Walker Black Label             30/460

Chivas Regal 12yrs                           30/460

Tenjaku                                               33/520

Monkey Shoulder                            35/480

Iwai Tradition Green                       40/670

Nikka Barrel                                      45/490



Jose Cuervo Tequila                        25/400

Kahlua                                                 25/350

Bailey’s                                               25/340

Jagermeister                                      25/400

Tuak                                                    28/130

All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia & subject to

10% service charge & prevailing govt taxes

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