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You can now take home and cook some of our delicious mains, sauces and handmade pastas. Vacuum packed and frozen, they just need to be dropped into a pot of boiling water till hot, open and serve.  Cooking made simple!


PETTO DI MANZO BRASATO                                    RM56

Braised Australian beef short ribs with tomato,

rosemary & thyme (500gm)


STINCO D’AGNELLO                                                   RM56

Braised lamb shank with tomato, bay leaf,

rosemary & thyme (500gm)


SUGO DI POMODORO (500g)                                  RM20

Traditional Italian tomato sauce


SUGO ALL’ARRABIATA (500g)                                RM20

Spicy tomato & garlic sauce


SUGO ALLA PUTTANESCA (500g)                         RM35

Anchovy, caper & black olive tomato sauce


SUGO ALL’ AMATRICIANA (500g)                         RM30

Beef bacon, onion & garlic tomato sauce


RAGU BOLOGNESE (500g)                                       RM30

Traditional beef tomato sauce 


CREMA DI SALMONE (500g)                                   RM40           

Creamy smoked salmon sauce


RAVIOLI DI SALMONE (20pcs)                               RM40

Smoked salmon ravioli


TORTELLINI D’ ANATRA (20pcs)                           RM40

Smoked duck tortellini        


All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia and are subject to prevailing govt taxes